What if I want to go to town?

If you want to head to the beach for the day or head out on a tour. Boat shuttle rides can be provided for $25/ trip at 6am, 10am, 4pm, and 9pm daily (24 hour notice is required). Or you can use one of the kayaks or rowboats to get to town yourself.

What if I need to leave or arrive later?

If you need to check-in later or depart earlier from your scheduled check-in (10am) and checkout (4pm) times, you can schedule a different pick-up/drop-off for a fee of $25. 

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately not, there already is 1 dog on board – her name is Ellie and she unfortunately doesn’t like other pets getting the attention. Ellie is only allowed on the main floor, your stateroom is completely pet free.

Can I charge my phone and camera aboard?

The boat is powered by 12v solar panels so our power supply is very limited. The battery reserves are needed to run the boat. We have a small USB charging port available for guest use at certain times of the day. There are no household outlets, therefore laptops, hair dryers, CPAP machines and any other personal electronic devices needing an outlet can not be powered or recharged.

Please bring your own battery packs to power your devices or do without them during your stay.

Is there wifi aboard?

One of the charms of the boat ; ) No wifi, but there is cell service if you want to create a hotspot.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, but we are unable to store any food in the refrigerator or pantry due to limited space. All additional food items brought by guests must be stored in your room or a cooler on the deck.

Can I shower?

Yes, we have hot water on board….. BUT the boat is very limited on water so there is a timer on the showers to keep them short. All of water comes for rain :

Are there quiet hours?

Yes, 11pm-7am is quiet hours.

Does the boat run?!

Yes, its engine does turn on and it will run and move. But for operating season it is anchored.